Our Process is Simple but Thorough

Project Selection

Once we receive a notice of your interest a member of our Executive Board will reach out with a formal Request for Proposal to be returned. The team selects projects based on the scope of work, feasibility, clarity of deliverables, and learning opportunity. All projects are 1 semester long (Fall: September - December | Spring: January - May).

Project Process

Clients will be provide with Statement of Work, thereafter consultants will complete a Current State Analysis, a Gap Assessment, Mid-Point Review, and Final Deliverable. During the phases of the project the consultants will provide formal presentations for client feedback and direction in addition to the final deliverable.


The consultants will meet with their clients a minimum of 4 times throughout the semester. We encourage open communication with your consultants as well as multiple on-site visits.

Moving Parts

UB MBA Consulting Group takes on a carefully selected 3 - 6 projects per semester. Our team is split into consulting groups assigned one of these projects. Throughout the semester your team of consultants work collaboratively to provide you with insights. Each team of consultants takes on one project per semester but we are all well versed in each project. Throughout our semester we have internal meetings and roundtables with our members and advisors to ensure we are providing quality.

Have questions or want to submit notice of interest? Get in touch!


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